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Science broadcaster / podcaster/ blogger / writer, carnivorous plant keeper, physicist and polymath in training - looking for an income

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I conducted this interview with Dr Matt Todd about Open Source Malaria research for
the Public Library of Science's ASAP Accelerating Science Award Program. Videography by Adrian Tan.

I was Project Officer for the Science Communication Education Project for the UTS Science Faculty, where I interviewed 22 scientists.

  I was junior author on this academic paper:
 The research-teaching nexus as a driver for science communication skills enhancement

I was photographer and sound recordist for a Radio Netherlands interview with Don Ritchie at The Gap- The pensioner who's prevented over 160 suicides

I wrote and recorded 3 stories for the All The Best community radio show and podcast: Jobs From Hell, Eternal September and The Road to Sainthood
I gave a talk titled "Introduction to Transhumanism" at Philorum", which was featured on Humanity+ magazine

I won the Best Show award for Diffusion at 2SER Diffusion won!

You should follow me on twitter @ianwoolf, see my photos, watch my videos